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Lore of the Supernatural


This is always my favorite section on any site, the pictures. Consequently I am a little picky about what I put on my site. I have some from books, lot of medievil and tons of fantasy and Sci-Fi. I can't put up as many as I would like though, there are just to many pics out there. Given that, not only will I provide plenty of images myself, I can't steal attention away from those sites that are great just the way they are. There are plenty of link sites that you can get lost in as well. I will try to tip you off to gallery and link sites as much as I can. In the meantime, enjoy the pics! There is lots of variety.



Novels and Fantasy

Wheel of Time



Here they are! Some of the best images sites that I have found on the net. A few of these are just incredible, covering thousands of images and hundreds of artists.

One of the most reknown artist for fantasy art work has been a man call Michael Whelan. He has done hundreds of book covers and thousands of pictures. Here is a good site to show you so that you will believe me when I say this artist is incredible.

Tons of links!
The other half of tons of links!
Fantasy you say? Try 830 Galleries worth!
So you like Sci-Fi too? Well check this out!